How It Works


Hitchcock Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care practice located in Chattanooga, Tennessee that operates on a monthly membership fee and does not take insurance.

Each month, you pay a membership fee directly to Hitchcock Family Medicine. Members will have a phone number to reach their doctor directly anytime of the day.

In addition to this, any procedure or test that can be done in the office is included. If it is medically indicated, house calls and after hours visits are offered at no additional charge. Other outside lab testing and imaging have been negotiated at a greatly reduced price. In order to achieve this, we will have fewer patients than a traditional practice.

Office visits

Unlimited, extended, and unhurried same day or next day visits with minimal to no waiting.

Office tests

Bedside testing such as EKG, Strep throat, Pap Smear (a $150 dollar value), or urinary tract infection included at no additional charge.

Office procedures

Skin biopsies, mole removal, laceration repair, in-grown toe nail removal are all included at no additional charge.

House Calls

If you can’t make it to me, and we feel it is appropriate, we will come to you.

Outside testing

Outside lab testing and imaging at greatly reduced prices.

Wholesale medications

We will have many common medications available at wholesale pricing. Imagine the convenience of walking away from your doctor visit with medications in hand. No separate stops or waiting at the pharmacy.